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About the company

ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o. is a highly creative research and realization company specializing in breakthrough project solutions, especially in service robotics and logistics with a focus on Industry 4.0 in Czech conditions, robotic technologies in the field of nuclear energetics with world novelty, as well as the area of omnidirectional robotic platforms for transport and handling of components and technological assemblies in high and low weight categories; using the process: fantasy – idea – concept – model and manufacturing documentation – realization of a complex prototype – optimization – business plan. The company uses its own Smart Accelerator system that enables continuous worldwide monitoring of market trends and forecasts, monitoring of research realized, ongoing and planned projects, focusing on the project areas of interest of the company and the Czech Republic, using the Goldfire Innovator software.

We are focused especially on service robotics, mechatronics, energetics and electromobility.

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