About the company

ROBOTSYSTEM, s.r.o. is a highly creative research and realization company specializing in world novel and breakthrough project solutions, especially with focus on the Industry 4.0 trend in Czech conditions, unmanned robotic technologies in the field of  nuclear energetics with world novelty, as well as in the area of omnidirectional robotic platforms for transport and handling of components and technological assemblies in high and low weight categories; robotic rescue and emergency technology; energy sources based on renewable energy resources, and project and implementation goals in the field Smart Cities. A significant part of the research and realization processes is medical, transport and rehabilitation robotics focusing on high manoeuvrability of omnidirectional mobility subsystems, and association of diametrically different functions in one robotic monobloc. At present, the ROBOTSYSTEM company is expanding its research trend to the field of ground-breaking agriculture robotics.

We use our own system of a Smart Accelerator, based on a search and monitoring system from all global databases of world research, challenges and projects, world markets and market trends with the aim to create a database of new innovative and market-successful project objectives, focusing on the research and development and production potential of the Czech Republic.

We cooperate with a wide range of creative companies, research institutes, universities, state institutions and business entities in Europe and worldwide, especially with a focus on applied research.

We have our own patent department with the ability to process complex patent documents, oriented to Europe and the world. ROBOTSYSTEM s.r.o. owns significant national, European and world patents of unique and timeless technologies, particularly with the focus on Industry 4.0.



  • Robotic technologies in the field of service robotics and logistics with a focus on Industry 4.0 in Czech conditions
  • Robotic omnidirectional autonomous platforms
  • Robotic rail electric platforms
  • Robotic technologies for industrial and humanitarian areas
  • Collaborative robots – omnirobots
  • Agricultural robots
  • Medical robotic transport and rehabilitation technologies
  • Autonomous wheel units with directional rotation in vertical axis for high and low load capacity – omnidirectional wheel units
  • Linear actuators and force compensators
  • Breakthrough robotic technologies for transport, manipulation, emplacement and sealing of disposal canisters with spent nuclear fuel in underground areas of deep geological repositories
  • Robotic technologies for vertical disposal of containers with spent nuclear fuel
  • Robotic technologies for horizontal disposal of containers with spent nuclear fuel
  • Fully robotized workplaces and partial robotic monoblocks in the surface and underground areas of a deep geological repository
  • Robotic wheel and rail transport and handling electric platforms
  • Gripping and handling multifunctional robotic effectors
  • Robotic rail platforms for the transport of castors and containers with spent nuclear fuel 
  • Projects of fully robotized workplaces of transport, filling and sealing of containers with spent nuclear fuel in a hot cell


  • Transport multifunctional robotic stretchers – in alternatives outdoor/indoor – resuscitation rescue electromobile ministrations – transport electromobile stretchers for use in difficult terrain and climatic conditions – gripless transfer of immobile patients 
  • Multifunctional transport and rehabilitation smart walkers 
  • Multifunctional robots of ROBOCOUCHAIR type 
  • Telemedicine mobile technologies 


  • OMNIROBOT – autonomous multifunctional omnidirectional robotic platform for use in production and humanitarian areas, with assistive or space-time programmable control
  • Emergency firefighting and handling robot with multifunctional effector
  • Multifunction rehabilitation and transport robot - SMART WALKER for outdoor and indoor use
  • Conceptual solution of storage of DCs in horizontal or sub-horizontal disposal boreholes in fully robotic mode (Public contract for RAWRA)
  • Research and development of a robotic electric platform for transport of disposal canisters (DCs) with SNF from a surface robotic workstation to an underground DC repository of DGR – a conceptual solution of robotic effector and conveyance robotic vehicles for supply and filling of DCs
  • Research and project concept of a multifunctional robotic effector of an underground multirobot for emplacement of disposal canisters in a deep geological repository, and realization of a prototype of dual robotic effector module and its master control system in real version
  • Research and realization of a testing robotic multi-wheel platform, with a focus on its centration and symmetrical passage through the circular profiles of disposal boreholes for emplacement of disposal canisters with spent nuclear fuel using multifunctional robotic technology
  • Research and realization of prototype of a breakthrough solution of multifunctional autonomous Creobot Modular for transport and manipulation in sophisticated manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Research, development and realization of prototype of aa robotic electric platform with a mobility subsystem and an internal space designed for the implementation of purpose-built technologies
  • Multipurpose robotic transporter with operative change of parameters for rescue of persons and intervention in crisis situations
  • Medical multifunctional transport and positioning robot – ROBOCOUCHAIR
  • ROBOSTRETCHER – multifunctional transport and rescue robotic stretcher
  • Omnidirectional wheel units - wheel units rotated in a vertical direction - with implemented electric drives, gear mechanisms and control electronics directly into the wheel profile