Robotic stretcher (STORM)

A unique universal robotic system designed for rescue and transport of persons both in external and internal environments of medical facilities, and on uneven surfaces of unpaved terrain.

STORM – Stretcher for Transport with Omnidirectional Robotic Movement

Timeless concept with extended technical functions eliminates physically demanding transport tasks of the operating personnel, while providing superior comfort for the transported person.
It combines features which are necessary for movement in demanding field conditions in outdoor environments and rugged, often narrow areas within the hospital facilities.
The sophisticated chassis platform with independent suspension of powered individually steerable wheel units allows a flexible change of direction in any of the above mentioned environments.
The unique design of the wheel units allows superior maneuverability when the STORM. is inter alia capable of driving to the side and rotating in place around the central axis of the chassis.

  • Fully suspended chassis offers a greater transport comfort for patients and the powerful propulsion subsystem provides a quick and safe transport.
  • Operator can use ergonomic handlebars with height positioning to control the direction of travel and control elements of the electronic throttle and brake.
  • The function of rotary handlebar column facilitates manipulation with the stretcher and enables shortening of the overall length of the stretcher chassis in confined spaces.
  • A significant advantage is the universal interface according to the EN 1789 standard which allows replacing the original stretcher cot on the chassis for standardly used stretchers including folding chassis and other accessories.

Other features and benefits

  • System of chassis lowering to eliminate chassis suspension when manipulating the patient or during any medical treatments (maintaining the height of the modifiable area when changing the load). 
  • Integrated retracting side rails ensuring patient safety during transport. The side rail mechanism eliminates shearing sections which usually occur in commonly used mechanisms. In retracted position they are arranged under the modifiable area, allowing unrestricted access to the storage space between the telescopic columns of the chassis. 
  • X-ray examination 
  • Integrated system of X-ray cassette positioning 
  • Height positioning, Trendelenburg, anti-Trendelenburg 
  • Storage space is adapted for the defibrillator, intubation set, oxygen tank and other rescue equipment 
  • The possibility of substitution of wheel units with unlimited turning radius for omnidirectional wheel units for the use in indoor environments
  • The possibility of additional implementation of a covering system of transported person


  • Ergonomically adapted intuitive tilting control panel with individual height adjustment at predefined positions 
  • Precise and sensitive control through electronic components and via simulation of real resistance during cornering
  • Integrated system for ID cards providing authorized access


  • Safety button total-stop located on the control panel allows an immediate halt in a crisis situation 
  • Control panel grip with personnel presence detection providing a safe stopping of the device when personnel stops touching the handlebars 
  • Chassis platform features a bump rim with embedded safety LED stroboscopic lights eliminating the risk of damage of the device 
  • Plastic covers create the protection of sensitive systems and require only simple maintenance by eliminating shape difficult surfaces
  • Patient fixation


  • Long operation time without charging due to high capacity battery system
  • Integrated charger allowing partial and complete charging from available electrical socket, without any binding to the charging station

Technical parameters

Maximum dimensions (width x length) : 760 x 2280 mm
Interface height: 500 – 950 mm
Interface dimensions: 695 x 2005 mm
Interface type: According to EN 1789
Chassis clearance: 190 – 275 mm
Patient area height: 725 – 1175 mm
Patient are dimension: 650 – 1980 mm
Tilt angle of back section: 0 - 85 °
Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg: +15° / -15°
Total weight: 290 kg
Maximum load: 180 kg
Control: Manual (Drive-by-wire)
Running modes: Auto / crab / rotation
Maximum speed: 8 km/h
Height of handlebar position: 1160 / 1100 / 1040 / 980 mm
Wheel diameter (outdoor/omnidirectional): 345 / 300 mm
Charger: Integrated in chassis – charging time 80min