Semiautomatic autonomous cartridge container

A semiautomatic autonomous cartridge container is equipment designed for transportation of emergency material and equipment used during a wide scale of crisis situations.

It enables to distribute the material through loading and unloading of individual cartridges and full unloading of the whole container at one place operatively, and to deploy the groups of rescue equipment and material at the desired locations in the field, as well as to load and transport them again.

The container is equipped with a special loading and unloading semiautomatic electromechanical system and a set of cartridges. Remotely operated, the individual cartridges can be distributed from container carrier and deployed to various places in terrain during the intervention according actual needs.

The semiautomatic autonomous cartridge container can easily load and unload cartridges with necessary emergency material. It is possible to distribute the cartridges over large area by moving the vehicle with the container and unload cartridges selectively, or it is possible to unload the container itself as a whole. Then it works autonomously, while it is equipped with its own power generator set.

The cartridges are arranged in two rows whereas one row of cartridges is unloaded and loaded on the right side and second row on the left side of the container. Individual cartridges serve for transport and storage of material, appliances, and equipment for the purpose of concrete action. Prior to departing to an emergency situation, the appropriate cartridge can be loaded according to the specifics of the emergency. As a whole the autonomous cartridge container works independently on the surroundings because it is equipped with its own energy sources for provision of all loading, unloading and cartridge fixation functions.

The container is manufactured in accordance to the DIN 30 722 standard. The system is popular almost in all Europe. It can be easily transported by any vehicle suited for transportation of such systems.

The semiautomatic autonomous cartridge container the first time in the history of the integrated rescue systems (in the Czech Republic and EU) creates the conditions for systemic division of components of technical equipment, rescue and emergency equipment, technologies and materials and their operational distribution in difficult crisis situations.

The project was developed with the support of financial contribution received from The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Technical parameters

Empty box weight: 50 kg / 110 lb.
Total length: 5950 mm / 234.25 in
Total width: 2500 mm / 98.42 in
Total height: 2250 mm / 88.58 in
Capacity, carrying capacity, weight
Number of cartridges in container: 6 cartridges
Number of boxes in cartridge: 2 boxes
Total number of boxes in container: 12 boxes
Volume of usable space in the section of container: cca. 3 m3 / 106 ft3
Maximum cartridge carrying capacity: 600 kg / 1322.7 lb.
Maximum container carrying capacity: 4,5 t / 9920.8 lb.
Weight of empty cartridge: 160 kg / 352.7 lb.
Weight of empty container including 6 cartridges: 5,5 t / 12125 lb.
Maximum weight of loaded container: 10 t / 22046 lb.
Energy source
Diesel generator set: KIPOR KDE 6700 TA
Output - stable/peak: 5/5,5 kW
Output voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel consumption: 1,2 l/h / 0.32 gal/hour
Fuel tank capacity: 16 l / 4,2 gal
Box – technical specifications
Maximum length: 1485 mm / 58.46 in
Maximum width: 595 mm / 23.45 in
Maximum height: 550 mm / 21.65 in