Universal Rehabilitation and Transport Robot

WALKER BASIC is a sophisticated rehabilitation and transport robot usable both in the domestic and institutional environment and in the outdoor environment,including the possibility of riding in unpaved terrain.

The device is designed especially for partially immobile persons, people with physical limitations of lower limbs, and seniors. It is usable for rehabilitation purposes, maintenance of physical condition, as a support for life without assistance of physically handicapped persons, as well as leisure time activities. 


WALKER BASIC is equipped with folding electronically controlled footboards which allow to flexibly change walking mode for standing mode and vice versa.

The function of the height adjustment of the control module with armrests and handles ensures flexibility and comfort via the electronically controlled telescopic column.

Electronically controlled traction wheel units with an integrated electric drive allow movement of the device in different types of terrain.


Within the control module, the user has at his/her disposal a centrally located capacitive keyboard and a pair of rotary controls for left and right hand.  The capacitive keyboard is mainly used to control the footboards, height positioning of the control module and to display the status of the accumulators.

The user can continuously regulate the driving speed forward/reverse (with right hand) and to the left/ to the right (with left hand) using the rotary controls.  In addition, the right-hand control is complemented by a three-position speed limiter switch, thanks to which the user can maintain more easily the required speed and direction of travel according to the current need.


WALKER BASIC is equipped with a sensor system that monitors the position of the user’s body while walking. The data obtained are processed by the robot control system. Both the user and the professional staff can be informed about user’s body position while walking using the control module display area.

The control system also has security and assistance systems.

Safety Ride system senses the WALKER's surroundings with chassis sensors and prevents collisions with objects and persons in its immediate vicinity.

Safety Walk system monitors the user while walking, and if the user stumbles, or there is a threat of falling, the control system automatically stops or significantly reduces driving speed of the WALKER.

Door ProAssist system enables automatic centering of the device when passing through the narrowed profiles and thus facilitates the user the passage through the door, for example.

Technical parameters

Overall width: 760 mm
Overall length: 1300 mm
Minimum / maximum overall height without accessories: 1100 / 1650 mm
Minimum / maximum height of armrests: 950 / 1500 mm
Range of height positioning of the control module: 550 mm
Width between the armrests: 465 mm
Width of the interior space between the footboards: 460 mm
Ride control: Rotary controls for left and right hand
Control of positioning functions: Capacitive keyboard
Weight of the device: 125 kg
Maximum load capacity: 150 kg
Maximum total permissible weight: 275 kg
Drive axle: Rear
Output of the traction electric motor: 2 x 400 W
Maximum speed: 7 km/h
Estimated operating time on one charge: 8 hours
On-board voltage: 48 V DC
Charger: Integrated in the chassis
Charging time: 2 hours