Multipurpose robotic transporter

Multipurpose robotic transporter with operative change of parameters is designed for rescue of people and interventions in crisis situations, in particularly difficult terrain and climatic conditions.

The master control system allows programmable driving control, assistance control, aw well as combination with manual control by the driver.

Alternative versions of the transporter are given by special equipment which is added in dependence for use in specific crisis situations.

As an option, the board system of the multi-purpose robotic transporter can be complemented with intervention vehicle information system that provides tactical information during the intervention situation.

Robot Function Specifications:

  • the basic tactical situation displaying as well as displaying of vehicle position over raster maps
  • procurement and target monitoring
  • navigation control and diagnostic system terminal
  • sensors data displaying by GPS receiver
  • images displaying from an external television camera
  • data collection and data transmission between the vehicle and operational-tactical command system
  • communication with diagnostic system

Technical parameters

Dimensions (length/width/height): 3415/1800/2010 mm - 134"/ 71"/ 79" (height including a protective frame for crew in case of vehicle rollover )
Chassis type: Differentially controlled, eight-wheeled, four rigid axles with an option of track deployment)
Control type: on board, or remotely controlled using the operator panel
Range of the remote control: cca. 1000 m / 39.37"
Camera system: Front and rear camera with IR illumination
Stability system: Tilt monitoring in the lateral and longitudinal axis of the vehicle
Brake: Electromagnetic multi-disc brake
Tire diameter / width: 25“/12“
Electrical circuit: 12 and 24 VDC
Engine type: liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine / engine power 51 kW/ 69 HP - preparation of the hybrid version
Maximum speed: 40 km/h - 24.85 mph
Load capacity: 550 kg / 1212.5 lb.
Weight: 625 kg / 1378 lb.
Approach/departure angle: 45°/45°
Tilt in the direction/ perpendicular to the direction of movement: 50° / 40°
Obstacles overcoming: 0,4 m / 15.7 in