Universal emergency firefighting and handling robot

Service emergency and rescue robot with the ability to combine an extinguishing system with a grabber/handler system during intervention situations.

The robot has a robust caterpillar-type chassis giving high stability, and a robotic handling arm with five degrees of freedom and with a high weight-bearing capacity (400 kg). An important part of the firefighting and handling robot is the firefighting and grabbing effector which represents the connection of manipulation gripping device with extinguishing head where the gripping head is used for the transport of articles, and the extinguishing head is used blasting the extinguisher into the endangered area, thereby allowing faster and more efficient work during interventions.

The grabbing and firefighting effector has remote controlled jaws, allowing adjustment of their angular settings, and thereby enabling to pick up flat objects or objects of various shapes.

The robot has a sophisticated remote control system and visual display system enabling operators to view the environment in which the device is located.

The project was developed with the support of financial contribution received from The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Technical parameters

Length: 3100 mm / 122"
Width: 2170 mm / 85"
Height: 2900 mm / 114"
Weight: 4000 kg / 8818.5 lb.
Load capacity of the end-effector: 400 kg / 882 lb.
Number of degrees of freedom of the manipulation arm: 5 DOF
Maximum range of manipulation arm: 3800 mm / 150"
Effector drive system: Hydraulic, electric
Manipulation arm drive system: Hydraulic, electric
Signal transfer system: Remote wireless
Video cameras transfer system: Remote wireless
Main camera system: Stereovision
Chassis type: Tracked, differencial steering
Engine: Kubota V3800-DI-T-E3
Engine cooling system: Liquid cooling
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel tank: 113,5 l / 30 gallons